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Have you lost your password and there’s no way you can log in? Is it true that your husband’s phone has turned out to be a barrier in your happily married life? Are you wondering if someone is spying on you?

Well, you don’t need to panic anymore! We are here to help you with all such issues. Having a team of dedicated and experienced hackers, we are here to make your lives more secure and stress-free.

Browse our list of available services for choosing the one that suits your set of needs. You can also contact us directly and discuss your case for getting access to tailored services. From securing your devices from external threats and hackers to getting a device hacked, we are here to help you with all these cases.

About Spymate

Spymate is a proud group of certified white hat hackers and cyber security experts.

We are the best and most trusted ones for keeping you secured.

From offering device security to anti-spy and hack protection services, we are here to help you in the best possible way. We are a division of an elite entity of certified hackers and cyber security experts. Our main aim is to keep you safe, secure and protected.

From offering ethical hacking online courses to catching a cheating spouse, we are here to help. Along with hack protection services, we also take pride in hacking devices for our clients.

Android Security
iOS Security
Windows Security

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We implore you to consider us for your personal and company security. It's the best choice you can make.

We are best at keeping you secured

Android Security

For turning your android smart phone into a secured device, Spymate is here to help. Our team of experienced professionals take pride in helping you protect your android device from intruders.

IOS Security

With the aim to place your IOS device in the safe zone, our team of dedicated professionals are here to help. We create a secure platform for IOS users for avoiding any unauthorized access.

Windows Security

By scanning malware, viruses and security threats, we offer ultimate windows security. Security is something we completely focus on.

Our Solutions

Cyber Security

Our team of experienced professionals are here to strengthen your cyber defense in the best possible way. We provide cyber security services through fully managed, hybrid, co-managed and custom built services.

Anti Spy

Our programs are designed in a way to prevent and detect unwanted spyware programs. With the safe wall we create, we can prevent and block malware infections on your devices.

Hack Protection

At Spymate, our team of experienced white hat hackers are here to protect your devices from getting hacked. We know how important your personal data is and that’s why we are making efforts to save your data in the best possible way.

Training and Other Services

Our highly dedicated mentors are here to provide ethical hacking training. We take pride in being one of the most reputed and reliable training service providers in United States.

Happy Clients

These are reviews from people who have worked with us.

John Connor



Our company website was secured from infiltrations from hackers, and since, we never had any case of such.

Emma Memmel



I've been protected from a spyware installed by an employee. My devices are now totally free from external eyes.

Eric Fanciulli



I trained under Spymate with their explicit videos and ebooks on Cyber Security. I can now protect myself and others.

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