How an ethical hacking online course can help you become a more resourceful IT professional?

Ethical hacking involves a deep study of the mindset, techniques, and tools used by penetration testers and hackers for learning how to identify and work on the vulnerabilities present in software and computer networks. An ethical hacking course online can prove useful for the employees in various kinds of roles.
These may include the role of risk management software developer, network defender, management and legal jobs, or quality assurance testers and much more. This can help those seeking jobs in demonstrating their skills to an organization.

Ethical hacking course online

Network Defender
One of the major benefits of learning the ethical hacking course is informing and improving the way the network gets defended. Learning how a hacker can operate can help an organization identify, triage, and deal with the potential threats.
While the hacker needs to identify only one vulnerable point in the network to act upon it and get a foothold, the defender has to identify the various weak points and correct them for optimizing the network perimeter and internal security.
However, it may not be practically possible to get the complete removal of all the risks to a network. Thus, the defender needs to weigh the risks of various vulnerabilities and prioritize them for remediation actions.
This is especially important when there are limited resources for minimizing the possibility of an attack. The defender requires thinking like a hacker in order to be successful. This is where training in ethical hacking proves highly useful to a defender as they can get close to developing the mindset of a hacker.

Quality assurance and development
A quality assurance tester needs a lot of qualities like those of a hacker. The tester has to verify that the software functions correctly in both extreme as well as normal conditions. Security testing often gets ignored in the rapid development cycles. This has a negative impact on software development as the latter may be impaired in various places.
A trained ethical hacker can help a software development team in a great way in such situations as they can effectively and comprehensively test in accordance with the best industry practices.
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